Marium Eye Hospital, Ulipur

Start time 2024-06-19 11:22
Finished Time 2024-06-19 11:22

Established in 1994, the Marium Eye Hospital is the largest and flagship project of Quasem Foundation. Since its foundation, the Marium Eye Hospital has been working with the Royal Commonwealth Society for Blind (RCSB) and Sightsavers to provide “Comprehensive Eye Care” (CEC) and “Community Based Rehabilitation” (CBR) to its target population. Lack of healthcare resources, poor nutrition, and various diseases contribute to a high rate of blindness in Bangladesh. Through its various initiatives, Quasem Foundation has been an organization at the forefront in the battle against eye-related health issues in Bangladesh and stands as a beacon of outstanding service, success, and dedication.

The aim of the hospital since its establishment has been to eradicate curable blindness amongst the people of Ulipur and Greater Rangpur. The 47,500 square foot premises started with a 50-bed hospital, which has since been expanded to a 75-bed hospital and is equipped to perform a number of eye-related medical procedures. Currently, the hospital provides treatment to about 350 outpatients per day, with more serious patients referred to on-site specialists for further treatment. The hospital also provides avenues of support for those they cannot treat on-site. On average, Marium Eye Hospital performs 35-40 cataracts as well as around 10 other types of eye operations per day. Additionally, we provide refraction services and spectacles for about 100 patients per day.