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Quasem Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the impoverished people of Northern Bangladesh-- one of the most climate-vulnerable areas of the country. Bangladesh’s flat topography along with its dense population make it highly sensitive to climate change. This threat is experienced extremely by the drought and flood-prone Northern region. Quasem Foundation extends its charity where it is most needed and gives hope where it is most lacking.

Founded in 1958, Quasem Foundation began its operations in Ulipur, the hometown of Abul Quasem, its founder and head of the Quasem family who has overseen the management of the foundation from its inception.

Through the implementation of focused and comprehensive projects, the foundation has grown in both its reach and its reputation over the last six decades to a point where it now serves not only Ulipur but also units across the entire Rangpur district and even other parts of Northern Bangladesh:

  • Ulipur
  • Rangpur
  • Saidpur
  • Gaibandha
  • Nageshwari
  • Domar
  • Gobindaganj
  • Rowmari

However, our distribution efforts go beyond this area. There are even cases of people coming from the capital city of Dhaka to avail the sincere, very reasonably priced, yet high-quality services that Quasem Foundation provides to all.

Message from our Managing Director

While 2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses, the Quasem Foundation has had a fulfilling year of work under uncertain circumstances. Our primary concern was ensuring the continued good standing of our eye and maternity clinics and hospitals. I am happy to report that during the year, we were able to perform the largest number of cataract surgeries by a single organization in Bangladesh. Moreover, we were able to continue construction on our new 75 bed hospital in Saidpur. We are also pleased to see continued growth of two other areas: relief aid and education. Last year, we broke our historical fundraising records for flood relief and cold relief . Finally, I am happy to report we recently received funding to start a new, 180-student school. All in all, we are very grateful to the continued support of our donors and dedicated staff, who without we would not see such growth.
- Tasvir Ul Islam

Message from the Board Of Directors

At Quasem Foundation, our purpose, as the Board of Directors, is to ensure the smooth running and transparency of our organization through the effective handling of our management team and our ability to seek charitable donations from those willing and able to give from all over the world. Among us, we represent a broad spectrum of professionals from business to politics, doctors to lawyers. We hope to use our diverse backgrounds towards the common good of the Foundation. As members of a charitable organization and as a family, we would like to emphasize our long-standing commitment to not only serve the people of our hometown but also to our children, to whom we have always said: “you will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others”. Quasem Foundation represents more than just an NGO, it represents the love and passion that a family has for their home and for each other.

Board of Directors

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Frequently asked questions

Northern Bangladesh is one of the poorest regions in Bangladesh, especially the Kurigram district. With
majority of the population living below the poverty line, these areas are also regularly being affected by
natural disasters such as flood and river-bank erosion. To help this ultra-poor population gain access to
basic healthcare, the Quasem Foundation has started its work.
We believe you need experience of an area and understanding of the people to best serve them; thus
we have continued to work and expand activities in the region.

We are registered from NGO Bureau, registration number is 842.

We do free and subsidized eye and maternity surgeries year-round. Along with that we give relief on
seasonal disasters, eg; flood donation, blanket donation during winter and emergency health service.

Both our foreign and local bank transfer details (separate) are available on the website, anyone can pay
by physical bank transfer. Also, there is an online payment portal available our website to pay through

We have well trained staff including nurse, paramedics, doctors, consultants and surgeons at our
facilities. We welcome volunteers to join our team and provide opportunities for groups to set up
camps. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Yes our hospitals are open to visit with proper health safety. Accommodations can be made if contacted

Sightsavers, Seva Foundation, JEXCA (North America)

Clinics are open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. Friday is closed. Emergency section is
open every day 24 hours.

Our head office is location in Dhaka, Mr. Tasvir Ul Isalm is the Managing Director of Quasem
Foundation. Our address is Icon Centre, Plot. 57/4, (9th Floor), Pragoti Sarani, North Baridhara, Dhaka –
1212, Bangladesh.