Alekjan Maternity & Child Welfare Center

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Alekjan Maternity & Child Welfare Center: The original project of Quasem Foundation, Alekjan Maternity and Child Welfare Center began its activities in 1958: providing medical treatment to impoverished expecting mothers and extending care to their children. The center also actively engages in promoting family planning initiatives to people in rural areas. The center, located in Ulipur on a modest but adequate 45,000 square foot property, boasts a 15 bed hospital, a child delivery room, and a modern operation theatre in which Caesarian sections and other emergency procedures can be carried out. The center is also equipped with state-of-the-art incubators for the treatment of premature or otherwise unhealthy infants. The Alekjan Maternity and Child Welfare currently provides the following services to its patients: prenatal care, delivery, post-delivery care, gynecological, and obstetric treatment as well as vaccinations. In 2008, to address the lack of basic healthcare in Ulipur, the center established a small diagnostic clinic. The Diagnostic center provides pathological test facilities for blood, urine and stool as well as facilities to perform ECG and ultra-sonograms; serving between 40 and 50 patients per day. The AMCWC also has residential quarters for doctors and nurses to ensure 24/7 services for the patients.