Mohon Chandra Roy

About 10 months ago, I was suffering from cataract problem in my right eye. I was unable to recognize persons or things that were far away. Most of the things appeared to me like a fog. For this problem I was unable to do my family chores and other works. My cataract problem was diagnosed on 28 September, 2016 in a patient screening camp organized by Marium Eye Hospital in Karimpur Nesaria Dakhil Madrasha, Kaligong, Lalmonirhat.  

I heard about Marium Eye Hospital from my villagers. A few days ago I heard the announcement and attended the patient screening program where I was diagnosed with cataract. The doctor suggested me to go for cataract surgery. With the help of Marium Eye Hospital’s organizer Mr Enamul I decided to go for cataract operation.

At first I would like to give thanks to Vogoban (The Creator). I also like to give thanks to organizer, doctor, nurse and all staffs of Marium Eye Hospital. Finally I would also like to thank TOMS for their generous support due to which I could get my eyesight back.