Eye Surgeries

Donation :
BDT 3,000 -- 5,000 (Per Surgery)

Available Surgeries are IOL Implant, Trabeculectomy, DCR, Pterygium (Conventional & Autograft), Tarsorrhaphy, Conj.Hooding, Corneal Repair, Evisceration /Enucleation, Evisceration with Implant, Chalazion, DCT, Corneal Repair, Abscess drainage, Entropion etc.

Maternity & Child Care

Donation :
BDT 3,000 -- 6,000 (Safe Delivery Package)

AMCWC's services are Normal delivery, C-Section Delivery, Pre- and Post-natal Care, Pregnant mother and child's Vaccination, Ultra sonogram and other required Diagnostics for a Pregnant lady, Incubator support for Emergency Child Care, and a special package for Safe Mother and Safe Child.


Donation :
BDT 1,000 -- 5,000 (Per Student & Per Month)

Various types of scholarships are provided by Quasem Foundation to pursue studies at various institutions. These sholarships cover the cost of monthly fees, are including institution's tuition fees, transportation, books etc for the student of High School level to Post Graduations period.