Quasem Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the impoverished people of Northern Bangladesh, extending charity where it is most needed and giving hope where it is most lacking.

Founded in 1958, Quasem Foundation began its operations in Ulipur, the home town of Abul Quasem, its founder and head of the Quasem family who has overseen the management of the foundation from its inception.

Through the implementation of focused and comprehensive projects, the foundation has grown in both its reach and its reputation over the last six decades to a point where it now serves not only Ulipur but the entire Rangpur district and even other parts of Northern Bangladesh; there are even cases of people coming from the capital city of Dhaka to avail the sincere, very reasonably priced, yet high quality services that Quasem Foundation provides to all.


Our vision is to provide quality eye care services, maternal and child health care services and education support in best possible manner to the people of northern part of Bangladesh to improve their living standard towards sustainable development.


  1. We shall provide affordable eye care services to combat with needless blindness in the northern areas of Bangladesh
  2. We shall provide quality maternal and child health care services in affordable cost to the poor and ultra-poor peoples of northern areas of Bangladesh.
  3. We shall support students in need by our scholarship program and also conduct special programs to provide relief during natural disaster or during any emergency period.


QF values are centered on quality care, cost efficiency, sustainability and service for all.

Since its establishment in Bangladesh, QF has acted as a catalyst by strengthening several institutions towards excellence through equitable services and supported over a million eye surgeries, thousands of child deliveries, and numerous of student’s being able to continue their education by our scholarships.

QF provides a working friendly and service oriented environment where everyone considered equal in terms of gender, merit, religion, ethnicity, race and complexion. QF is an equal opportunity employer.